WERU News Report 6/18/13

Producer/Host: Amy Browne

Segment 1: Imagine spending 40 years in a six-by-nine foot cell. That’s been the fate of Herman Wallace, a prisoner in Louisiana. His story, and that of an artist who got to know him, is the subject of a new film called “Herman’s House”, which will be shown in Portland on Thursday night, and followed by a discussion led by writer and prison reform activist Lance Tapley. We spoke with him earlier today, about the film and the prison system here in Maine

Segment 2: In Augusta Monday, a group called “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” joined the “*No More Names: National Drive to Reduce Gun Violence*” for a rally and the reading of a very long list of names of victims of gun violence. The event was part of a 25-state national bus tour, promoting what organizers call “common-sense” gun policies, including comprehensive and enforceable background checks. We spoke with one of the participants, Larry Gilbert, a former mayor of Lewiston whose years of experience working in law enforcement led him to take on this cause