WERU News Report 5/28/13

Producer/Host: Amy Browne
Audio recorded by Meaghan LaSala and John Greenman

Segment 1: Agent Orange, unlabeled GMOs , seed patents, lawsuits against farmers and small businesses —like Oakhurst Dairy here in Maine– Monsanto Corporation ‘s products and business practices have raised concerns about impacts on health and the environmental, the risks of an international corporate monopoly on food, and preferential treatment –and questionable oversight –from the government.
Saturday there were ‘March Against Monsanto’ protests in hundreds of cities around the world. In Portland, several hundred people attended a rally and march.
Meaghan LaSala takes us there

Segment 2: Our weekly Peactime segment, produced in cooperation with the Peace & Justice Center of Eastern Maine. The theme of their HOPE festival this spring was “Do One Thing” or “DOT” and several speakers presented suggestions for one thing people might do to make the world a better place