WERU News- Special Report 3/29/13

Producer/Host: Amy Browne

An out-of-state corporation’s highly controversial proposal to build a 22.7 million gallon, 14 story tall, liquid propane tank, an associated 90,000 gallon tank, and other structures on a small plot of land in Searsport, is in the hands of the town’s planning board. This week they began deliberations, and for the first time the public had a chance to hear what they think about the plan, after sitting through several months of meetings and public hearings – and reviewing a mountain of documents. And what they had to say was NOT good news for DCP Midstream, the company that wants to build the facility. In the first 2 nights of deliberations this week, the planning board has identified not 1, but FOUR ways in which the proposal does not meeting the town’s criteria for new development.

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