WERU News Report 2/5/13

Producer/Host: Amy Browne

Program Topic: The National Wildlife Federation has just released a report called “Wildlife in a Warming World: Confronting the Climate Crisis”, in which they conclude that plants, fish, and wildlife in the U.S. are already facing a climate crisis with many changes happening even faster than scientists anticipated. On today’s News Report we’re going to listen in on a conference call from earlier today, in which some of the specific findings for this part of the country were discussed by an interdisciplinary panel of experts:
Eric Orff, Wildlife Biologist, NH
Jason McKenzie, owner, Suds n’Soda Sports Shop, Greenland, NH
Dr. Rick Wahle, Research Associate Professor, University of Maine School of Marine Sciences
Dr. Amanda Staudt, Climate Change Scientist and report author, National Wildlife Federation
Lisa Pohlmann, Executive Director, Natural Resources Council of Maine

You can read the National Wildlife Federations full report, called “Wildlife in a Warming World: Confronting the Climate Crisis” at www.nwf.org