WERU News Report 7/18/12

Producer/Host: Amy Browne
Audio contributed by Chris Buchanan, a clip from Democracy Now! is also featured

-Free retreat for women with ovarian cancer
-Colby College trustee involved in LIBOR banking scandal
-Opposition to E/W Hwy

-Robin Bray, Orland resident who has ovarian cancer and is organizing a free retreat for women with the disease
-Lew Kingsbury, Colby College alum
Also audio from a public forum on the E/W Hwy, held in Dexter, Maine on 7/14/12. Recorded and contributed by Chris Buchanan

www.bethwrightcancercenter.org/ (info/registration for retreat)
defendingwater.net/maine/category/features/ (info & audio from the 7/14/12 E/W Hwy forum)
portland.thephoenix.com/news/141235-banking-scandal-taints-colby-board-chairman/ (Lance Tapley’s article about the Colby College/LIBOR connection)