WERU News Report 7/11/12

Host: Amy Browne
Producer: Carolyn Coe

Part 1 of 2 (Part 2 will air on 7/17/12 at 4pm)

Program Topic: Palestinian nonviolent struggle in the occupied West Bank

*Palestinians paint on the separation Wall and take photographs of daily life to tell their own stories about living under Israeli occupation.

*Weekly demonstrations against the Israeli occupation continue in the form of street protests; the Israeli Defense Force responds with tear gas and bullets.

*Israeli demolitions of Palestinian homes and other structures increased in 2011; Palestinians continue to rebuild.

*Women have taken on a greater income-generating role for their families, while preserving the Palestinian tradition of embroidery, by organizing a women’s embroidery cooperative.

Khitam Edelbi, expressive art therapist, raising funds for an art bus
Nasser Hamamreh, school counselor and social worker
Basseem Al-Tamimi, community leader in A-Nabi Saleh
Teresa, Italian volunteer with Operation Dove in At-Tuwani
“Sami,” volunteer from the Czech Republic
Buthayna Farajallah, administrative worker for the women’s cooperative in Idna (Women in Hebron)

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