WERU News Report 5/4/11

Producer/Host: Meaghan LaSala

A full half hour report on the Mother Earth Water Walk. Starting in Machias this Saturday, May 7th, a group of native people and their supporters will begin a walk of over 4 million steps to Bad River, Wisconsin, carrying water from the Atlantic Ocean. Walkers are heading to Lake Superior from 4 directions of the continent, carrying water from the Pacific, Gulf of Mexico and the Hudson to call attention to the crises facing fresh water, a life source for all species. We speak with coordinating organizers for the Eastern Walk, Madeleine Huntjens and Kehben Grier about the walk and how listeners can get involved.

Madeleine Huntjens, coordinating organizer of the Eastern direction Mother Earth Water Walk
Kehben Grier, of the Beehive Design Collective in Machias, coordinating organizer