WERU News Report 3/15/11

Producer/Host: Amy Browne
Contributors: Meaghan LaSala, Carolyn Coe

Segment 1:
Produced by Meaghan LaSala
Meaghan LaSala joins Florida’s Immokalee farm workers at a recent protest

Segment 2:
Reported by Carolyn Coe with assistance from Lindsey Saunders
Topic: sick and injured coal mine workers in Colombia–their struggle for worker protections and union rights
What are the risks these unionists face in the workplace and as trade unionists? How have sick and injured workers organized?
Interviews in Valledupar, Cesar, Colombia
Estivenison Avila, press secretary for the ElPaso local of Sintramienergetica
Eliecer Rojas, vice president of ASOTRED, an association for sick and injured workers in Drummond
Joaquin Villadiego, president of ASOTRED

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