Weekend Voices 11/20/10

Executive Producer/Host: Amy Browne
Contributing Producers: Carolyn Coe, Meaghan LaSala, Matt Murphy

Segment 1: Veterans Peace Walk, Nov. 3-11, Farmington to Portland, 128 miles, passing through 43 communities
The walk was organized by Veterans for Peace as part of their commitment to end war and to have stronger communities.
Numbers swelled to 40 at times.

Voices: Jean Parker, Jim Shipsky, Voices for Peace choir, Nicole Moreau, Doug Rawlings, Bruce Gagnon, Timothy Bullock

website: www.vfpmaine.org

Segment 2: Inventors (description to follow)

Segment 3: Emmaus Homeless Shelter Thanksgiving and Christmas Services and Events
How dire the need is for emergency housing and food? How can one help provide support services for people who are currently homeless? What is happening locally for those who are in need of housing and/or food?
Guest: Sr. Lucille MacDonald, Director of the Emmaus Homeless Shelter in Ellsworth.