Weekend Voices 9/11/10

Executive Producer/Host: Amy Browne

Contributing Producers:  Carolyn Coe, Meaghan LaSala, Matt Murphy

Segment 1: Former U.S. Army Specialist Ethan McCord spoke at the 25th Anniversary Veterans for Peace Conference in Portland, Maine in late August.   He talked about his efforts to help Iraqi childen, as captured in the Wikileaks video “Collateral Murder”, and his struggle to get his military benefits.   Produced by Carolyn Coe.

Segment 2:  A profile of the Machias-based Beehive Collective, and their most recent poster on mountain top removal.    Produced by Meaghan LaSalla:

Segment 3: Obama administration officials, including representatives from the  Department of the Interior (DOI), USDA, EPA, & White House Council on Environmental Quality, were in Bangor on September 2nd, to hear local residents offer their ideas for open space, public lands, and our National Parks, as part of the America’s Great Outdoors Initiative.   WERU’s Matt Murphy attended the listening session, and brought back some of the voices of those in attendance. Recorded by Matt Murphy, Edited by Amy Browne  (You can learn more about the initiative and submit your comments, at www.doi.gov/americasgreatoutdoors/ or by email to ago@ios.doi.gov)