Voices 9/14/10

Producer/Host: Amy Browne

An interview with John Christie, publisher and senior reporter for the Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting, a non-partisan and nonprofit journalism organization based in Hallowell. The mission of The Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting is to “ful?ll the responsibility of a free press in the American democracy by providing independent reporting to Maine citizens about their government and elections” and they aim to “fill the gap between the diminished in-depth reporting from the existing Maine media and the need of the state?s citizens to be fully informed about the actions of its government and public servants.” Their work appears in various media outlets across the state, as well as their own website, pinetreewatchdog.org

WERU is working with The Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting, to bring their stories to our listeners, in a partnership that we kicked off last month with Naomi Schalit’s report on Wind Power Legislation in Maine.
John Christie joins us on Voices today to talk about his in-depth report called: PENSIONS: THE NEXT BUDGET CRISIS which looks at the looming threat to Maine’s economy that is posed by decades of an underfunded– and over politicized– state pension system.

FMI: www.pinetreewatchdog.org