Weekend Voices 7/31/10

Producer/Host: Amy Browne

Contributors: Lawrence Reichard, Carolyn Coe

Segment 1: Lawrence Reichard concludes his series of reports on the 1 -year anniversary of the coup in Honduras

Segment 2: Produced by Carolyn Coe. As Israeli settlements continue to expand in the West Bank, the Palestinian farmers’ ability to grow food to support themselves has been threatened or made impossible. Farmers have responded with nonviolent resistance, replanting trees and making efforts to continue working on the lands declared by the Israeli Defense Force as closed military zones.
M’hamed Zagig, member of the Beit Ummar popular committee; Mousa Abu Maria, member of the Beit Ummar popular committee and cofounder of the Palestinian Solidarity Project;  Ala’ Abu Maria, resident of a house in Beit Ummar frequently occupied by the Israeli military; Souad, 63-year-old farmer in Saffa M’hamed (Awad) Abu Swai, farmer in Artas who works for the Palestinian Ministry of Agriculture; Nassima, interpreter Reem Al-Banna, singer at the Nakba remembrance event in AlMa’sara on May 14
FMI: www.palestinesolidarityproject.org  www.peacenow.org.il

Segment 3:  Carolyn Coe reports on the demonstration at AlMa’sara