Weekend Voices 4/3/10

Producer: Carolyn Coe

Host: Amy Browne

Topic:  Speakers from the Active Community Teach-In “Bring Our War $$ Home”, held in Bangor on 3/20/10, sponsored by the Peace and Justice Center of Eastern Maine.

Keynote: Mariam Atifa Raqib, President of Samsortya, a nonprofit with the goal of reforesting part of eastern Afghanistan.  Raqib worked from 1996-2007 with the Afghan Health and Social Assistance Organization in Peshwar, Pakistan.  She was born in Afghanistan.  In her keynote she provides a timeline of Afghanistan’s recent history, since the abolition of the Afghan monarchy.  FMI: www.afghanistansamsortya.org

Gold Star Mother Mary Alice Horrigan speaks about the human costs (among other costs) of war.