Weekend Voices 3/13/10

Producer/Host: Amy Browne

Segment 1: Excerpts from the Maine State Legislature’s Health & Human Services Committee Public Hearing for LD 1706, held on March 2nd.   If passed, LD 1706 would require labels on cell phones sold in Maine, warning that they may cause brain cancer and should be kept away from children and pregnant women.
Experts from Europe and the U.S. attended the hearing and presented research results indicating a link between cell phones and brain cancer and other ailments.  Cell phone industry representatives and their lobbyists and consultants—including a former CDC staffer, argued that the phones are safe.
Note: Many of the expert witness who were brought in to testify regarding the dangers associated with cell phones were not recorded, due to an apparent glitch in the state legislature’s web stream, which was corrected in time for the industry representatives testimony.
Segment 2:
A listener editorial (Cynthia Swan re: a recent statement by the Catholic Church condemning the practice of Reiki)