Voices 12/01/09

Executive Producer/Host: Amy Browne

Audio recorded by Eric T. Olson, Edited by Amy Browne

Many of the people who were directly impacted by the recent vote to repeal marriage equality in Maine, were people too young to vote.  Some of them held a rally at Pickering Square in Bangor, on November 22nd to express their reaction to the outcome.   Note that you’ll hear a few of them refer to the “Whig and Courier”—that’s a restaurant in Bangor where many people who support same-sex marriage and the “No on 1” campaign, gathered on election night to watch the returns.  We start with one of the event’s organizers, Antonia Carroll, a junior at Bangor High School.

FMI: Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network: www.glsen.org; The Bridge Alliance, which works to connect a proud GLBTA Community  in the Greater Bangor Area: thebridgealliance.org