Weekend Voices 7/25/09

Producer/Host: Amy Browne
Contributors: Carolyn Coe, Eric T. Olson

Segment 1: WERU volunteer Carolyn Coe visited Gaza in May & June, 2009 and has produced a series of reports on the conditions she witnessed. Today’s segment: The Qattan Centre for the Child in Gaza City, a library serving children under age 15. What cultural centers exist for the people of Gaza?
What is the role of the arts in meeting the psychosocial needs of traumatized children? How does the continued seige of Gaza affect daily life for Palestinians there?
Guests: Reem Abu Jaber, Director, El Qattan Centre for the Child, and screaming (happy) children

Segment 2: Writing Socialist History. a talk by Professor David Roediger, Kendrick Babcock Chair of History and Afro-American Studes at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. (Speaker is introduced by Prof. Nathan Godfried of the University of Maine.) What are effective approaches in conducting interviews for biographical works? How did radical activists of the twentieth century view their struggles from the perspective of their later lives? Why is it important to record the life stories of the radical activists of the twentieth century? Recorded/produced by WERU volunteer Eric T. Olson. This lecture was part of the Spring 2009 Controversy Series at the University of Maine