Weekend Voices 6/27/09

Executive Producer/Host: Amy Browne
Contributors: Carolyn Coe and Matt Murphy

Segment 1: Aziz Abu Sarah, a Palestinian now living in the U.S., speaking in Bangor, Maine on 6/24/09 on the topic of Palestinians and Israelis working together for peace. The event was co-sponsored by the Eastern Maine Chapter of Brit Tzedek v’Shalom (the Jewish Alliance for Justice and Peace) and The Center for World Religions, Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution (CRDC) at George Mason University. In just four years, Brit Tzedek v’ Shalom has become America’s largest Jewish peace group with over 45,000 supporters, and 40 chapters nationwide. This event was part of a Speaker’s Series they are sponsoring. For more information about Brit Tzedek v’Shalom, contact Barbara Kates at bkates50@hotmail.com or 207-947-6858. For more information about CRDC: www.gmu.edu/departments/crdc

Segment 2: Maine Folklife Center needs community support and involvement as it struggles to survive following budget cuts. Matt Murphy talks with Executive Director Pauleen MacDougall. FMI: www.maine.edu/folklife or 207-581-1848

Segment 3: All the latest news from the Bagaduce Music Lending Library and Flash in the Pans with the Blue Hill Pops— an interview with Mary Cheney Gould, Founder, Organizer and Music Director
The Blue Hill Pops Concert will be Friday July 3rd at the George Stevens Academy gym in Blue Hill, Maine. FMI: www.bagaducemusic.org