Voices 4/28/09

Producer/Host: Amy Browne
Contributors: Cathy Melio, Linda Washburn
Segment 1: “Artist’s Voice”, produced in collaboration with the Center for Maine Contemporary Art
Segment 2: The second annual Midcoast Maine Women’s Health Conference, to be held May 15-16, Point Lookout, Northport, Maine:
Linda Washburn (Women’s Windows) interviews Holly Noonan, spokesperson for the conference, regarding it’s history and this year’s program. What activities will participants find at this year’s conference? What are the primary health concerns of Maine women?
What grassroots resources are available to women who want a proactive role in their own health care? What does the future hold for women’s health care in Maine?
FMI: Holly Noonan, spokesperson for the Midcoast Maine Women’s Health Conference, Contact info for the Conference: 930-2694; womenshealth@wchi,com, For Holly: holly@mindbodynutrition.net
(This interview, in an expanded version, originally aired on “Women’s Windows”, a program combining women’s music and spoken word, which airs every Sunday from 8-10pm on WERU)