Weekend Voices 1/24/09

Producer/Host: Amy Browne

Contributors: Jim Fisher, Matt Murphy

Segment 1: Jim Fisher interviews Dan Kane, a Phys Ed instructor at GSA who teaches a course on Outdoor Experiential Education and Leadership every spring.  This nine minute interview describes the program and what students gain by working together outdoors.

Segment 2: We talk with a Jonathan Sherman, a high school student from southern Maine who has been keeping in touch with his Israeli and Palestinian friends he met at the “Seeds of Peace” camp.  Facebook and MySpace have allowed them to maintain contact through the recent escalation.  (FMI: www.seedsofpeace.org)

Segment 3: Highlights of a recent workshop that offered tips to help non-profits survive in today’s economy: “Navigating Rough Seas, A Community Discussion with Non-Profits on Program Sustainability”.