Voices 12/23/08

Producer/Host: Amy Browne

Audio Recorded by Adam Lacher

Part 2 of the testimony at the Maine Citizen Trade Policy Commission’s recent public hearing in Bangor, Maine.  The commission was established by Maine’s legislature in 2004 to assess and monitor the legal and economic impacts of trade agreements on state and local laws, working conditions, and the business environment in Maine, and to provide a mechanism for citizens and legislators to voice their concerns and recommendations to our Congressional Delegation.  It was the first of it’s kind in the country and has served as a model for other states.  The board is made up of representatives of various stakeholders.  U.S. Congressman Michael Michaud attended the hearing.  Senators Snowe and Collins sent representatives.

This is the 2nd hour of testimony offered by our neighbors, describing the impact of “Free” Trade agreements on Maine communities and communities elsewhere, including our Sister Communities in El Salvador.  Part 1 aired on Weekend Voices on 12/20/08. We will air more of the testimony on Weekend Voices next Saturday, 12/27/08 at 3p.m., and the final segment on Voices on Tuesday, 12/30/08 at 4p.m.

Written comments may be submitted to:  Linda Nickerson,  Bureau of Labor Standards, 45 State House Station, Augusta, ME  or Linda.B.Nickerson@maine.gov

FMI about Congressman Michaud’s proposed Trade Act Bill:  www.michaud.house.gov/

Correction: The intro says “Weekend Voices”, but this is “Voices”