Voices 6/24/08

Producer/Host: Amy Browne

Segment 1: Around the world people are struggling to prevent what once seemed unthinkable: the privatization of the planet’s water.  That struggle has come to water-rich Maine in recent years and today we’ll be talking with an organizer with the group Defending Water in Maine, Emily Posner.

FMI: www.defendingwaterinmaine.org  , www.celdf.org
Emily Posner: 207-930-5232  or  info@defendingwaterinmaine.org

Segment 2: Some excerpts from a discussion earlier today about the Full Circle Fair.  Whether you are thinking of attending and want to know who the performers are, or maybe you want to volunteer and get in free— either way you’ll get your answers here.  This is Martha Garfield, Fair Coordinator, Matt Murphy, WERU General Manager and Chris Stark, WERU volunteer coordinator.