Voices 5/27/08

Executive Producer/Host: Amy Browne

Contributing Producers: Debbie Wildey, Larry Dansinger, Matt Murphy

Segment 1: A look at the upcoming 3rd annual Symposium on Post Traumatic StressDisorder—PTSD—The Hidden Costs of War.  About how many veterans are committing suicide?   Why should everyone in the community, no matter their politics,  care about and help those affected?  Who would benefit from learning more about PTSD and it’s treatments?  Guest: Dud Hendrick, Vietnam War Veteran and President, Maine Veterans for Peace Chapter 001 Producer: Debbie Wildey. FMI: dudhe@verizon.net

Segment 2: An episode of the WERU short feature Outside the Box produced by Larry Dansinger. Topic: What to eat? Outside the Box can be heard at it’s regular time, every Tuesday morning at 6:30a.m.

Segment 3: Matt Murphy interviews Judy Robbins in Blue Hill on Memorial Day weekend at the annual ritual of the placing of flags in memory of those who have died in the invasion and occupation of Iraq. FMI: robbins@downeast.net