Voices 4/29/08

Executive Producer/Host: Amy Browne

Contributing Producer: Debbie Wildey

Topic: Earth Day Everyday Part Two (Part One April 22): Today’s show is about personal empowerment…  practical lifestyle choices, Maine resources, and encouragement to help address the increasingly urgent warnings and challenges facing Earth and each one of us.

What are some more sustainable practices that help feed ourselves?   How does permaculture work?   What are ways to improve the ecological footprint of our mode of transportation?  How can we save money and at the same time make our existing homes more sustainable and energy efficient?  How much garbage on average are we generating and how can we approach zero personal waste?

GUEST: Jim Merkel, founder of the Global Living Project and author of Radical Simplicity: Small Footprints on a Finite Earth. Jim speaks and gives workshops on ecological footprinting and deeply sustainable lifestyles. www.radicalsimplicity.org