Voices 3/04/08

Executive Producer/host: Amy Browne

Contributing Producer: Jim Campbell

This year’s Camden Conference, which was held the last weekend of February, had as its theme “Religion as a Force in World Affairs”.  One of the sub-themes of the conference focused on “Religion and U.S. Foreign Policy”, and one of the most troubled parts of the world at present for that foreign policy is the Sudan, of which Darfur is a part.

There have been 22 years of civil war in the Sudan between the Arab north of the country and the native African south. Yet while we occasionally see news clips about horror stories in Dafur, we seldom hear about the country as a whole.

In the following excerpt from his Camden Conference talk, Andrew Natsios, a former head of the U.S. Agency for International Development and, until recently, U.S. special envoy for Sudan, speaks about the situation in Sudan
from an on-the-ground perspective that may surprise those of us who have relied only on mainstream media coverage of events there, or even on the reports from advocacy groups working in Dafur.

Andrew Natsios was introduced by the conference moderator, Graham Phaup. This report was prepared by Jim Campbell for Voices.

For more information on the Camden Conference: www.camdenconference.org.