Weekend Voices 2/16/08

Executive Producer/Host: Amy Browne

Contributing Producer: Jim Fisher

Segment 1:  An interview with Hillary Lister of Maine IndyMedia and the Native Forest Network (NFN), and Chris Smith, also of the NFN.  Hillary Lister outlines the web of connections she has found in her research into Plum Creek Corporations connections with other power players in business, politics and media, and asks the public’s assistance in providing additional information.  Chris Smith reponds to the information from the perspective of a Mainer who has been opposing Plum Creek’s planned massive development in the Maine Woods.  FMI: www.maineindymedia.org, hillary@maine.indymedia.org

Segment 2:   Second-hand smoking and smoking in cars.  Jim Fisher talks with Sally Christ, a tobacco educator in Eastern Maine.  FMI: Sally Christ (via Healthy Peninsula Office 3743257) www.tobaccofreemaine.org The Maine Tobacco HelpLine: 1-800-207-1230

Jim Fisher is the host of Common Health, a call in show that airs the 3rd Wednesday morning of each month at 10 o’clock.

Musical break featured Ethan Miller and Kate Boverman’s “Organized Crime” from their “If All the Land Would Rise” CD (2005).  FMI: www.riotfolk.org