Weekend Voices 2/02/08

Executive Producer/host: Amy Browne

Contributing Producers: Debbie and David Wildey

Guest: Zoe Weil, President and Head of Faculty of the non-profit Institute for Humane Education

Topic: An interview with author and educator Zoe Weil to explore the role of education in helping to solve global, systemic problems while creating a more healthy and just society in which all of us can live peacefully, sustainably and humanely. She shares elements for instilling the desire and creating the capacity for students, and all of us, to learn, think, care, and act. She presents  considering a variety of issues as being interconnected, rather than single focus, as a way to find solutions to problems in order to best benefit all.

What is critical thinking? And how can it effect students’ ability to process information?
Are there ever corporate influences in the school curriculum? What can someone who is interested in education reform do?
What are some examples of humane education tools? Where can a list of organizations, books, videos, other resources and a variety of free, non-corporate, activities on human rights, environmental preservation, animal protection, media literacy, and cultural issues be found?

FMI: www.humaneeducation.org