Talk of the Towns 2/10/12

Issue: Citizen engagement, local democracy, occupy maine
Broadcast Time: 10- 11 AM
Program Topic: Learning from Occupy Efforts in Eastern Maine

Key Discussion Points:
1. What inspired you to get involved … what was your path like? Where there particular issues or questions that Occupy groups have raised that particularly resonate with you?
2. What have the various Occupy efforts looked like (Bar Harbor, Ellsworth, Bangor, Augusta)… what activities did you carry out in the fall and early winter?
3. What have you seen happening more recently, with the gathering in Washington and the Occupy the Courts events?
4. What are you planning? (free speech community event in Bar Harbor… other events?)
5. What have you learned? What about the Occupy movement seems to make it easy for people to get involved? What tangible/intangible results have you seen in your community as a result of Occupy efforts?
6. What issues that seem to be emerging as most important for the Occupy movement in 2012, and how you would like to see Maine people respond and get involved.

A) Lawrence Reichard, Bangor
B) John Curtis, Ellsworth area
C) Simon Beckford – east of Ellsworth
D) Benjamin Hitchcock — Bar Harbor / College of the Atlantic
E) Kara Oster– Bar Harbor / College of the Atlantic
F) Margaret Fetzer-Rogers– Bar Harbor / College of the Atlantic

Call In Program: Yes
Host: Ron Beard
Engineer: Amy Browne