Talk of the Towns 3/25/11

Producer/Host: Ron Beard, University of Maine Cooperative Extension
Studio Engineer: Joel Mann

Topic: A local food ordinance for the Blue Hill Peninsula and beyond?

What is the actual proposal and how would it work?
What do you imagine the outcome will be, for producers, growers, the local community, after a town adopts the ordinance?
If the local food ordinance passes, how would you advise producers and consumers to attend to concerns about food safety?


Heather Retberg, Quill’s End Farm, Blue Hill
Ruth Sullivan, Halcyon Grange
Cullin Schneider, Blue Hill Peninsula Chamber of Commerce
Jason Bolton, Food Safety Educator,
University of Maine Cooperative Extension
Hal Prince, Director , Division of Quality Assurance & Regulations, Maine Dept. of Agriculture, Food & Rural Resources
Walter Kumiega, Representative, District