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Voices 1/5/10

Producer/Host: Ousmane Jobarteh

An interview with Michael Bennett (aka Omar Mane); topics include his new cd BOONGAH and West African music and culture.

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Some News from W. Africa

Producer/Host: Isatou Jobarteh

Weekend Voices 1/17/09

Producer/Host: Amy Browne

Contributing Producers: Carolyn Coe, Isatou Jobarteh

Topics: We talk with 2 women from the US (Kathy Kelly and Audrey Stewart) who traveled to Gaza last week in hopes of telling the stories the mainstream corporate media are ignoring about the attack on Palestine, Carolyn Coe talks with an Iraqi family that has been forced to take refuge in Syria, and Isatou Jobarteh brings us some of the news from West Africa.


Kathy Kelly,  (Voices for Creative Non-Violence,  &  Audrey Stewart, (Loyola Law Clinic), will be posting reports on and .

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