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RadioActive 3/10/11

Producer/Host: Meredith DeFrancesco

Today we examine the court challenge to the Plum Creek Development plan.

We talk with Phil Worden. He is the attorney for Forest Ecology Network and RESTORE: The Maine Woods, who are fighting to repeal the Land Use Regulatory Commission’s approval of the massive development plan in the Moosehead Lake region, which would include 1000 house lots and 2 large resorts. The development required the rezoning of close to 16,000 acres. Included in the proposal is the setting aside of approximately 600,000 acres for so-called conservation, though commercial logging and gravel and water extraction would be allowed there.

Initially, the Land Use Regulatory Commission was not satisfied with Plum Creek’s plan, and made changes before they approved it. They did not, however, re-open the new plan to the public adjudicatory hearing, which allowed interested parties to cross examine and present their own arguments. This is one of the main points of the suit. On February 24th, the Maine Superior Court heard final arguments on the merits of the case.

RadioActive 1/6/11

Producers/Hosts: Meredith DeFrancesco and Meaghan LaSala

Topic: LURC’s Vote to Approve TranCanada’s Kibby Mtn. II Wind Project

Why did the Citizens Taskforce on Windpower oppose the project and stage a protest before the meeting: Why did LURC Commissioner Rebecca Kurtz vote against the project (as the one dissenting vote)? Why did the rest of the commission vote in favor?

Voices 6/02/09

Producer/Host: Amy Browne
Contributor: Matt Murphy
Segment 1: Natural Resources Council of Maine & Maine Audubon’s press conference this morning in Bangor, where the Land Use Regulatory Commission was meeting for final deliberations on Plum Creek’s proposal for the largest development in the state’s history. Both groups have serious concerns about the proposal. FMI:
Segment 2: An interview with Bonny Myers, director of a production of “Nickel and Dimed” that will be held at the Grand in Ellsworth this coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday. FMI:

RadioActive 2/12/09

Producers/Hosts: Meredith DeFrancesco and Amy Browne

Topics: Plum Creek, logging deeryard, mining, mudslide, banning public,  LURC/CLUP, State Police refusal to release records on local activists

Guests: Hillary Lister, Lynne Williams, Emily Posner

RadioActive 10/02/08

Producers/Hosts: Amy Browne & Meredith DeFrancesco

Topic: Land Use Regulatory Commission (LURC) approval of Plum Creek development plan; Financial BailOut, Jack McKay, Rep. Mike Michaud

RadioActive 9/25/08

Producers/Hosts: Meredith DeFrancesco & Amy Browne

Topics: Maine state Land Use Regulatory Commission (LURC) endorses Plum Creek development plan
*Maine Civil Liberties Union opposes motion to dismiss telecom cases

*Maine Civil Liberties Union opposes federal legislation that could limit healthcare services for birth control, abortion,end of life care and HIV treatment
Today we cover two stories that illicit reflection on how democracy works in our country and in our state.
We talk with the Maine Civil Liberties Union about challenging the National Security Agency’s right to use the Verizon phone company to gather information from Maine residents, regardless of the new national amendment to the FISA law.
But first, we go to the largest development plan this state has seen. It’s timber giant and now developer Plum Creek’s plan to rezone nearly 16,000 acres in the Moosehead Lake region for 975 house lots and two large resorts. Yesterday  Maine’s Land Use Regulatory Commission (LURC) endorsed that plan.
On Tuesday and Wednesday LURC heard closing comments from the many organizations, businesses and others who have been opposing or supporting the Plum Creek plan. But LURC already had it’s mind made up, or had been advised by it’s consultants what it should decide. Yesterday LURC endorsed Plum Creek’s development plan.

1.Wendy Weiger, coordinator of Moosehead Region Futures Committee
2. Zachary Heiden, Legal Director, Maine Civil Liberties Union