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WERU News Report 11/28/12

Producer/Host: Amy Browne
Searsport LPG Tank Public Hearings, Part 2

Today we continue with our on-going coverage of the public hearings for DCP’s LPG tank proposal in Searsport. The proposal includes a 22.7 million gallon liquid propane gas tank and a pipeline at Mack Point. The Searsport town planning board is holding a series of meetings this week, before determining whether to approve the project. Last night’s meeting focused on DCP’s formal presentation, and then the board and designated “interested parties” were allowed to ask questions.

WERU News Report 11/27/12

Producer/Host: Amy Browne

Searsport LPG Tank Public Hearings, Part 1

Last night a standing-room-only crowd packed Searsport District High School for the 1st night of what will be at least 4 nights of public hearings. The board heard requests from members of the public who want to be designated as “interested parties” in the process, which would grant them the right to speak earlier and longer, and to ask questions of others who testify, including DCP. Today we listen in on that process.
DCP’s attorney objected to people from outside Searsport being given status, and several requests from residents of other towns were declined

Mid-Coast Currents 11/19/12

Producer/Host: John Zavodny
Studio Engineer: Amy Browne
Program Topic: Searsport Maine LPG Tank

Key Discussion Points:
What are the arguments for and against the Searsport LPG tank?
How do people in the mid-coast think about the tank?
What have been the dynamics involved in the tank conversation?

Maryjean Crowe, an artist and educator, and Peter Wilkinson, a photographer and a journalist, are Belfast residents who got involved in the tank opposition after reading about DCP’s proposal in the newspapers, attending Thanks But No Tank presentations, and doing their own research.
Astrig Tanguay has owned and managed Searsport Shores Ocean Campground for twenty years. Astrig is a founding member of Thanks But No Tank, Astrig has been a vocal opponent of the DCP project. Astrig has served on the Maine Tourism Commission, the Maine Arts Commission, Maine Campground Owners Association, Penobscot Bay Steward BOD and is a founding member of both Friends of Penobscot Bay and Fiber College of Maine.
Searsport officials and proponents of the tank were not available to join us in the studio.

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WERU News Report 10/16/12

Producer/Host: Amy Browne

Topic: Representatives from the group “Thanks But No Tanks” spoke to a standing-room-only crowd at the Stockton Springs Town Office last night, about their opposition to the liquid propane tank facility proposal in neighboring Searsport. Audio from the meeting, FMI:

WERU News Report 8/22/12

Producer/Host: Amy Browne

Topics: Locals Commission LPG Risk Assessment; Part 2 of Bill McKibben’s speech in Bar Harbor on 8/19/12

*Local groups Islesboro Islands Trust and Thanks But No Tank (TBNT) have commissioned Good Harbor Consulting, headed by Richard Clarke, counter-terrorism expert and advisor to three U.S. Presidents, to do an independent risk assessment of the massive LPG tank facility DCP Midstream wants to build in Searsport, but the Searsport Planning Board refuses to have the results of the assessment put on the agenda for their November meeting. We talk with Steve Hinchman, attorney for Islesboro Islands Trust and Thanks But No Tank

*Bill McKibben’s talk wraps up with ideas about taking action. (Audio recorded by Matt Murphy at College of the Atlantic, 8/19/12, 15th anniversary event for Sustainable Harvest International. Part 1 aired 8/21/12)

WERU News Report 8/14/12

Producer/Host: Amy Browne

Program Topic: Latest news on the LPG tank proposal in Searsport

*Planning Board grants application extension to DCP *DCP refusal to submit certain information to Maine Fuel Board until assured it would not be made public caused delay *Area residents are commissioning a nationally renowned expert to do a risk assessment

Recorded audio from Searsport Planning Board meeting on 8/13/12

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WERU News Report 7/10/12

Producer/Host: Amy Browne

Issue: Independent Local News

Program Topic: Searsport Planning Board Receives Complaints from DCP, Bans Public Comments

*Searsport Town Planning board voted 4-1 last night to ban public comments re: pending applications from their regular meetings, after receiving complaints from DCP, the company that wants to build a controversial LPG tank facility
*Area residents tell us what they think about the decision, and what they had been planning to say at the meeting, had they been allowed to do so
*Follow up with Planning Board Chair Bruce Probert

Recorded audio from the planning board meeting, interviews with attendees

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WERU News Report 6/27/12

Producer/Host: Amy Browne
Issue: Independent Local News

Program Topics: DCP attempts to limit public input on the LPG tank plan; ACLU of Maine on the AZ immigration law ruling; and a review of Medea Benjamin’s new book on Drone Warfare

Key Discussion Points:
a) DCP Midstream, the company that wants to build a massive liquid propane tank facility in Searsport, is attempting to limit public participation at Searsport Planning Board meetings. They also outline several other complaints in a recent letter from their lawyer to the town. Features audio recorded by Ron Huber at the June 11th meeting, and interviews with Ron Huber, Executive Director of Penobscot Bay Watch and Astrig Tanguay, Searsport resident and owner of Searsport Shores Campground. FMI: ; ,

b) Shenna Bellows, Executive Director of ACLU of Maine, responds to the Supreme Court ruling on the Arizona immigration law and discusses status of similar legislation in Maine FMI:

c) Lisa Savage, CODEPINK Maine coordinator, reviews Medea Benjamin’s new book, Drone Warfare: Killing By Remote
Control FMI:

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