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Weekend Voices 7/04/09

Producer/Host: Amy Browne
Contributors: Dave Evans, Carolyn Coe
Segment 1: The new Deer Isle Hostel, FMI:
Segment 2: International Solidarity Movement activists in Gaza.
FMI:; YouTube videos posted by Ya9ni;;;

Weekend Voices 6/20/09

Executive Producer/Host: Amy Browne
Contributing Producer: Carolyn Coe
Topic: Carolyn Coe reports back from her recent trip to Gaza with CodePink
Segment 1: Conversation with Um Khaled. Her son Ahmed interprets. She describes her experience living with the Israeli blockade, her hopes for her sons, and the contrast between life in Gaza and other places where she has lived.
Segment 2: A woman’s story of living through the Israeli attacks during the “last war” and a call for the borders to open, with Nisreen Hisham AlBorno, Director of the National Center for Community Rehabilitation and John Ging, Director of UNRWA’s operations in Gaza.

Weekend Voices 1/17/09

Producer/Host: Amy Browne

Contributing Producers: Carolyn Coe, Isatou Jobarteh

Topics: We talk with 2 women from the US (Kathy Kelly and Audrey Stewart) who traveled to Gaza last week in hopes of telling the stories the mainstream corporate media are ignoring about the attack on Palestine, Carolyn Coe talks with an Iraqi family that has been forced to take refuge in Syria, and Isatou Jobarteh brings us some of the news from West Africa.


Kathy Kelly,  (Voices for Creative Non-Violence,  &  Audrey Stewart, (Loyola Law Clinic), will be posting reports on and .

Direct Aid Iraq:

RadioActive 1/8/09

Producers/Hosts: Amy Browne and Meredith DeFrancesco

Topic: 3 perspectives on Israel’s assault on Gaza, with Molly Little, Frida Berrigan & Bruce Gagnon

Segment 1: Molly Little.   In 2005, Molly Little spent three months in Israel and the West Bank, conducting interviews with Israeli peace activists, members of an Israeli kibbutz, employees of the Israeli Knesset, and people from a wide range of Palestinian society, including students, farmers, political activists, artists, public officials, teachers, and health care providers. Her articles and op-eds have appeared in Lefthook, The Providence Journal-Bulletin, The Palestine Monitor, Portland Indy Media and elsewhere.  She’ll be giving a talk next week in Bath, called “American Witness in Palestine: Roots and Realities”. (Friday, January 16 at 7:00 pm, Addams-Melman House,212 Center Street, Bath, ME) We spoke with Molly Little by phone from her home in Whitefield, Maine earlier today:

Segment 2: “War In Gaza, Weapons From the USA”, Frida Berrigan, Senior Program Associate of the “Arms and Security Initiative” at the New America Foundation, columnist for “Foreign Policy in Focus”, and a contributing editor of In These Times magazine. She is also the author of several reports on arms trade and human rights, and will talk with us today about the ties between the US and Israel.  FMI: Frida Berrigan,, 212-431-5808 ext 200

Segment 3: Bruce Gagnon, a long-time organizer, currently based in Maine, for his perspective on the Peace & Justice communities response to the situation in Gaza. FMI: