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WERU News Report 3/5/13

Producer/Host: Amy Browne

Continuing our coverage of the proposed East-West Highway/Corridor, we’re going to start with an interview with Chris Buchanan, a statewide coordinator for “Stop the East West Corridor”, and Maine coordinator with “Defending Water for Life in Maine”. Chris will give us an update on the project, and the many unanswered questions that concern opponents. Later on today’s News Report, we’ll hear how Darryl Brown, the East-West highway project manager for Cianbro corporation, responded to questions at presentations in Calais and Eastport in January. Cianbro has been the most vocal proponent of the project, while refusing to disclose exactly what their role would be and how they stand to gain financially. Our thanks to Jane Crosen for recording the presentations for WERU.


WERU News Report 2/20/13

Producer/Host: Amy Browne

Meetings have been taking place across the state, as supporters of the proposed East-West Highway try to sell the project to the public, and opponents try to caution communities to look beyond the sales pitch. Opponents say the project is actually an East/West utilities corridor, and that despite denials, there are still unresolved questions about private property being taken by eminent domain. Last week some of them shared their concerns with Penobscot County Commissioners, and the commissioners responded. Here are some excerpts from that meeting, recorded for WERU by Jane Crosen

WERU News Report 7/18/12

Producer/Host: Amy Browne
Audio contributed by Chris Buchanan, a clip from Democracy Now! is also featured

-Free retreat for women with ovarian cancer
-Colby College trustee involved in LIBOR banking scandal
-Opposition to E/W Hwy

-Robin Bray, Orland resident who has ovarian cancer and is organizing a free retreat for women with the disease
-Lew Kingsbury, Colby College alum
Also audio from a public forum on the E/W Hwy, held in Dexter, Maine on 7/14/12. Recorded and contributed by Chris Buchanan

FMI: (info/registration for retreat) (info & audio from the 7/14/12 E/W Hwy forum) (Lance Tapley’s article about the Colby College/LIBOR connection)

WERU Special: East-West Highway/Corridor Controversy 5/31/12

Host: Amy Browne
Engineer: Joel Mann

Program Topic: The East-West Highway/Corridor Controversy
Key Discussion Points:
a) What information is being withheld from the public, and why?
b) What things that ARE known about the project are raising concerns?
c) Who stands to benefit?
d) Who stands to lose?


Hillary Lister—she has followed the various incarnations of the East-West plans for the past decade, doing coverage for Maine Indymedia, and living in and growing up in the vicinity of the various proposed routes

Diane Messer–she has attended all of the legislative hearings, offering testimony at them, and has studied the impacts of the E/W proposal on the community

Organizer Chris Buchanan of “Defending Water for Life in Maine”, and journalist Lance Tapley, who has been covering this issue, also join us by phone.

We also invited proposal’s most vocal proponent, Cianbo CEO Peter Vigue to either join us or send someone in his place today, but he declined to do so. We’ll feature excerpts from an interview we recorded with him in early May.

Call In Program: Yes

WERU Community SoapBox 5/29/12

Producer/Host: Amy Browne
Engineer: Joel Mann
Issue: Open-mic
Topics: “Talking Furniture”, Lyme Disease, Walker Church fire, Heartsong, LPG, East-West Highway, East-West Corridor, Ron Paul