Reproductive Left 1/3/17

Producer/Host: Abbie Strout

Issue: Social and political issues that impact our sexual and reproductive health produced by WERU in collaboration with Mabel Wadsworth Center –

Program Topic: Happy New Year with host Abbie Strout

For the first episode of 2017, Andrea Irwin, executive director of Mabel Wadsworth Center, guest hosts to give our listeners a chance to get to know your host Abbie Strout. On this episode, Abbie discusses how she got involved in reproductive rights and at Mabel Wadsworth Center. She provides an overview of the education and community engagement work at the Center and announces some news.

There wasn’t time for our “Ask Mabel” segment this month, but we promise to answer your sexual and reproductive health questions in February.

Guest: Andrea Irwin, Executive Director, Mabel Wadsworth Center