Reproductive Left 12/6/16

Producer/Host: Abbie Strout

Issue: Social and political issues that impact our sexual and reproductive health produced by WERU in collaboration with Mabel Wadsworth Women’s Health Center –

Program Topic: Health Equity with Maggie Campbell

Key Discussion Points:
On this episode, Maggie Campbell, the director of communications and development at the Health Equity Alliance, joins us to discuss World AIDS Day. Maggie talks with us about how stigma impacts people with HIV/AIDS, the harm reduction philosophy of HEAL, and provides prevention tips.

Since the election, we have noticed an increase of interest in IUDs. Many women are worried they will lose birth control coverage with the next administration and are considering getting IUDs inserted prior to January 20th. In our “Ask Mabel” segment, Terry Marley-DeRoiser, WHNP, answers questions about Long Acting Reversible Contraception, including IUDs, providing medically accurate information to help with your decision.

A) Maggie Campbell, Health Equity Alliance
B) Terry Marley-DeRosier, Mabel Wadsworth Women’s Health Center