Audio Dos Presos Liberados (Radio Sumpul) 8/01/07

Produced by Radio Sumpul in Guarjila, Chalatenango, El Salvador

From the day before the last 9 folks from CRIPDES were released (Thursday 26 of July).  Order they speak in:

1.  Juan Carlos Garcia, CRIPDES Lawyer

2.  Santiago Serrano, CRIPDES

3.  Juan Carlos Garcia, Interview by Ana Dubón, Radio Sumpul

4.  Julio Portillo (background to interview with Garcia, afterward fades in)

5.  Santiago Serrano calls on Board of CRIPDES to come forward, as well as Diputado of Cuscatlan Cristobal Hernandez

6.  Cristobal Hernandez, Diputado FMLN

7.  Karla Albanes, Interview by Ana Dubón, Radio Sumpul

8.  Cristobal Hernandez, FMLN, fades in after interview above