WORT-FM Coverage of Political Crisis Unfolding in El Salvador 7/12/07

Community Radio WORT-FM in Madison, Wisconsin has featured several news reports on this topic, in Spanish and in English.  Here’s a summary, along with a link to their archives:

Direct link to WORT Archives is here: <;

Coverage so far on the following shows:

En Nuestro Patio – Tuesday July 3rd (Interview in Spanish)

In Our Backyard – Thurs July 5th (news story)

Labor Radio – Friday July 6th (news story)

A Public Affair – Monday July 9th (Hour-long call-in show)

In Our Back Yard – Mon July 9th (short news story)

En Nuestro Patio – Tuesday July 10th (Interview in Spanish)

Website: www.wort-fm.org