RadioActive 8/06/09

Producers/Hosts: Meredith DeFrancesco, Jesse Dyer-Stewart, Amy Browne

More on murder and intimidation of activists in El Salvador. Today we follow up on the death threats being levied against community radio Radio Victoria in Cabanas, El Salvador, following the murder of local community leader and activist Marcleo Rivera. we speak with Radio Victoria new director and to their sister radio station, WORT Community radio in Madison , WI. Co-produced and translation by Jesse Dyer Stewart.
Guests: Isabel Gamez and Norm Stockwell

The following emails are for the Attorney Generals’ offices in Cabañas and San Salvador, for the responsible police officers in Cabañas and San Salvador, and for an official in the U.S. Embassy.
Email addresses:,,,,,,,,

Fax: 503-2523-7170 (Attorney General’s Office, San Salvador)