RadioActive 3/12/09

Producers/Hosts: Meredith DeFrancesco, Amy Browne, Jesse Dyer Stewart, Carolyn Coe
Guests: Pedro Juan Hernandez, Economist & Social Movement Organizer with the MPR-12, a network of rural community cooperatives and unions; Pedro Miranda, President of PROGRESO, the regional organization of CRIPDES, in Suchitoto,
Topic: El Salvador presidential elections: Mauricio Funes, FMLN party candidate, former journalist, and ARENA party candidate Rodrigo Avila, former head of the National Police
What are the economic problems in El Salvador as a basis for the movement for political change? What US Congressional statements in recent days have inferred that the FMLN party is “pro-terrorist” and that if they win the U.S. government could cut off remittances to El Salvador? Why has the Salvadoran government located military troops through out the Suchitoto region?


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