Weekend Voices 7/26/08 “Hear Again”

Producer/Host: JIm Campbell

Topic: Interview with and readings by Janwillem van de Wetering (recently deceased) from the WERU Archives
What were some of the formative influences on van de Wetering’s writings?  What is the central point in all of his fiction writings?  How did his living in Maine affect his writing?

RadioActive 7/24/08

Producers/Hosts: Amy Browne & Meredith DeFrancesco

Topic/Guests:  Award-winning local artist and activist Robert Shetterly talks with Teri Blanton.  Blanton is a survivor of a Superfund toxic waste site near her home in Harlan County, Kentucky.  Her courageous stand against the abuses of coal companies has won her notoriety within her state.  An active member of Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, Teri’s personal mission is to reach out to her community about the issue of Mountaintop Removal Mining.    Teri Blanton will give the keynote speech at the 2008 WERU Full Circle Fair in Blue Hill, Maine on Saturday, July 26th, 2008.  Robert Shetterly will also be painting her portrait for his series “Americans Who Tell the Truth”.

FMI: www.ilovemountains.org, www.americanswhotellthetruth.org

**Please note that a typo in the Fair Guide states that Blanton’s keynote will be 2:30-3:30p.m. and that information was given on today’s show.  The correct time is 1:30-2:30pm.

Notes from the Electronic Cottage 7/24/08

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

Today, a few items from the ever growing digital pile at the Electronic Cottage: a look at the “anomaly” of unauthorized access to people’s passport records which emerged during the presidential primaries and which turns out to be not such an anomaly at all; how a GPS tracking device installed by his parents in his car saved a teenager from a big speeding ticket; and a look at the Save Christian Radio web site which is outraged at the FCC’s proposals to increase localism in radio that might require stations to have a community advisory board, and even require that there be a live human being at a radio station when it is on the air!

Notes from the Electronic Cottage 7/17/08

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

Here are some “best of” sites on the Internet, as well as a couple that are just very handy to know about.


-colleges-in-the-world. (It’s URL says it all).

-learn-anything. (Same with this one – the address says it all.)

never-heard-of. (Another one where the name tells the story. Remember –
Google isn’t the only game in town!)

whyfiles.org. This site, operated by the University of Wisconsin,
looks at the scientific facts that underlie some of the stories we see in
the daily news, and you don¹t need to have a college degree to be able to
read and understand the science involved.

www.governmentattic.org. This site is dedicated to providing access to
government documents that your tax dollars paid for but which the government
chooses not to publish.

Indigenous Voices 7/15/08

Producer/Host: Rhonda Frey

Topic: “In The Shadow of the Eagle- A Tribal Representative in Maine” (2008, Tilbury House)– a discussion with the author, Donna Loring, Penobscot Representative to the Maine State Legislature.

What is the election process of the Penobscot Tribe?  What legislative bills did you work on?  With regard to the “Offensive Names Bill”,  what difficulties did you face in the state, with the media and public?

Donna Loring also has a blog called “Native Voice” which can be found on the Bangor Daily News website, www.bangornews.com