Weekend Voices 11/18/06

Producer/host: Amy Browne

Contributors: Dave Evans, Ousman, Jim Campbell

Topics: Moonbeam, a car that gets 100 mpg, built by a local man who wants to help you build one too; A local woman talks about setting up a non-profit to help the forgotten people of Burundi; The author of a book on high tech trash talks about the problems that trash poses for the ecosystem.

WERU SoapBox 11/17/06

Host: Matt Murphy

Call in show with the callers determining the topics of discussion.

RadioActive 11/16/06

Producer/host: Amy Browne and Meredith DeFrancesco

Topics: Alan Sprague reports on whales lingering downeast past their usual migration time–and why they may be in trouble soon, Sister Lucille McDonald from the Emmaeus Center in Ellsworth tells us how we can help our neighbors during this holiday season, and new WERU reporter Eric Olsen brings us a speech given by Iraq War Vet (from Maine) Brian Clement at a teach-in on the war at the University of Maine

Baby Talk 11/16/06

Producer/host: Cathy Jacobs

Notes from the Electronic Cottage 11/16/06

Producer/host: Jim Campbell

Want to take a college level course but don’t have the wallet wherewithal to
do so at the moment? Don’t worry – the Internet has you covered. There are
hundreds of courses (and free textbooks to supplement them) available on the
web these days. We’ll take a look at some of the best sites to access free
college level courses on this edition of the Electronic Cottage.

Voices 11/15/06

Producer/host: Amy Browne

Shenna Bellows, Executive Director of the Maine Civil Liberties Union, speaking on the Military Commission Act, torture and treatment of prisoners, recorded by Eric Olsen at the University of Maine in October 2006

Common Health 11/15/06

Producer/host: Jim Fisher

Topic: Substance Abuse Through the Ages; How do substance abuse patterns change over the life course? How is substance abuse impacting public health? What environmental changes are needed to reduce substance abuse?

Dr. Lenard Kaye,
Ph.D., Professor of Social Work at the University of Maine School of Social Work and Director of the University of Maine Center on Aging in the College of Business, Public Policy & Health.

Ed Oechslie, M.A., ATR-BC, LCPC, a board certified art therapist and licensed clinical counselor, joined the staff as Executive Director of the Acadia Family Center in January 2006.

Earth Sense 11/15/06