Baby Talk 07/20/06

Host: Cathy Jacobs

Topic: Grandparents Parenting Grandchildren Guests: Bette Hoxie, Adoptive and Foster Families of Maine,; Suzanne Wagner, Maine Kids-Kin, What are some of the primary issues facing grandparents raising their grandchildren? What resources are available? What are some of the reasons that grandparents are raising their grandchildren? Call in show

“Aired” via live streaming only, due to station being off the air because of technical difficulties

Voices 07/19/06

Producer: Amy Browne
Topics and guests:
Interviews with Julie Arnold Lisnet, Director of the Ten Bucks Theatre Company’s Shakespeare Under the Stars production of MacBeth in Brewer, Maine and Francis Fortier, Artistic Director and Founder of the Bar Harbor Music Festival now in it’s 40th year
FMI: ;

What are the rewards and drawbacks of performing “under the stars”?
What is a “fight director”?
How does the Bar Harbor Music Festival showcase new as well as established talent?
How do they mix beautiful music and settings?

Common Health 07/19/06

Host: Jim Fisher, Hancock County Planning Commission
Topic: Fitness and Physical Activity
What is fitness? What makes a community healthy? What are some barriers to fitness?
Guests: Katherine Princell, Blue Hill Memorial Hospital; Dan Stewart, Maine Dept. of Transportation
Call in show

Indigenous Voices 07/18/06

Hosts: Meredith DeFrancesco and Rhonda Frey
Guests: Denise Altivater, Chair of the Sipayik Criminal Justice Commission and a member of the Passamaquoddy Tribe; Jamie Bisonette, Director of the American Friends Service Committee’s Criminal Justice program in New England; Spiritual Elder Arnie Neptune, of the Penobscot Nation and his partner and wife Jane Neptune.
Topic: The Sipayik Criminal Justice Commission, the reasons for its formation and the conditions experienced by tribal members in jails, prisons and the judicial system
The medical neglect and other conditions prisoners are subject to
The law enforcement conduct,
The problem with drug abuse and nearly non-existent treatment, inadequate defense council and racism
How the commission is working with spiritual elders to bring in the traditions of native people into the jails
Contact info:
Denise Altwater, P.O. Box 406, Pleasant Point, Perry, ME 04667, 207-853-2317
American Friends Service Committee:, search key word “Wabanaki”

Family Radio Forum 07/14/06

Host: Ron Beard, University of Maine Cooperative Extension
Topic: Generations at home and in the work place
Guests: Louise Franck Cyr, Community Development Specialist, UMCE; Father Jim Gower, retired priest; Julie Veilleaux, business owner, Window Panes, Bar Harbor; Emily Henry, landscape gardener, Mount Desert Island; Imke Schessler, Admin. Assistant, Project Opportunity, U Maine
What sort of common experience and events have shaped the members of these generations and how they respond to the workplace, their communities and family life?
What are some of the characteristics of each generation?
Call in show

RadioActive 07/13/06

Producers and Hosts: Meredith DeFrancesco and Amy Browne
Topic: Kick off of the local rolling fast for peace; Eastern Maine Medical Center nurses rally for union

Writer’s Forum 07/13/06

Host: Dr. Betty Duff
Guests: Author and essayist Barbara Hattemer; Fiction writer Deborah Marshall; Poet Jacqueline Michaud reading some of their work

In what ways have their writing experiences differed?
Do they target a particular market? How?
What are the benefits of belonging to a writer’s group?

Notes from the Electronic Cottage 07/13/06

Producer/Host: Jim Campbell
Topic: Congress is considering creating a database of all of the grants and contracts awarded by the federal government so that taxpayers can see what their taxes are paying for. Oh wait–no contracts because corporations objected? Okay, well, at least a database of grants-well, some grants. In that spirit, we look at a few recent examples of how taxpayer dollars are being spent, including a grant to figure out how to restrict taxpayer access to government information. Consistency-what consistency?