Mid-Coast Currents 3/20/15

Producer/Host: Sara Trunzo
Engineer: Joel Mann

Issue: People, events, and ideas in mid-coast, Maine

Program Topic: Unity Barn Raisers and Community Solar

Key Discussion Points:
1. What is Unity Barn Raisers and what programs do they offer?
2. What is “community solar”?
3. Why is Unity Barn Raisers leading a community solar effort in Waldo County?
4. What is the Town of Freeport doing to advance community solar projects and what have they learned?

Steve Kahl, environmental and renewable energy consultant. Member of UBR’s BOD, past president of Maine Lakes Society, and a founding board member and president, E4Research.
Mary Leaming, Unity Barn Raisers’ Programs Director
Donna Larson, Town Planner, Freeport.

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