Mid-Coast Currents 12/19/14

Producer/Host: Sara Trunzo
Engineer: Amy Browne

Issue: People, events, and ideas in mid-coast, Maine

Program Topic: Rock Coast Rollers

Key Discussion Points:
1. Who are the Rock Coast Rollers?
2. What are the concepts, rules, and cultural history that our audience should understand to appreciate roller derby as a sport and a movement?
3. What impact has the roller derby made on our region, community, and the women who skate in the league?

1. Irene Yadao (aka Laser Wolf), Co-chair of Public Relations for Rock Coast Rollers
2. Manette Pottle (aka Mad Madam Mim), President of the Board of Directors for RCR
3. Kristen Eckmann (aka Chain Lynx), Chair of the RCR Training Committee, and one of the founding members of the league

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