Mid-Coast Currents 6/20/14

Producer/Host: Sara Trunzo
Engineer: Amy Browne

Issue: People, events, and ideas in mid-coast, Maine

Program Topic: Kneading Conference, Maine Grains, and all things bread

Key Discussion Points:
1. What is the Kneading Conference?
2. How does this event fir into the local, state, and national local grain and artisan bread scene?
3. What opportunities will there be for professional and hobby bakers to get engaged?

a. Amber Lambke is president of the Somerset Grist Mill, executive director of the Maine Grain Alliance, and co-founder of the Kneading Conference.
b. Dusty Dowse is a mathematics professor, avid baker, and is the education director for Maine Grain Alliance. He directs the Artisan Bread Fair.
c. Alison Pray is the founder and co-owner of Standard Baking Company in Portland, Maine and author of the book, Standard Baking Company Pastries.

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