Mid-Coast Currents 4/18/14

Producer/Host: John Zavodny
Engineer: Amy Browne

Issue: People, events, and ideas in mid-coast, Maine

Program Topic: Mental Health in Maine

Key Discussion Points:
1. What is NAMI?
2. What are some of the mental health challenges facing Maine?
3. What is the NAMI Maine Annual Conference?

Sophie M Gabrion, NAMI Maine Mental Health Outreach Coordinator: Sophie joined NAMI Maine in 2013 after working in case management. She holds a Bachelors of Arts in History from Regis College and a Master’s of Science in Human Services from University of Massachusetts in Boston.
Larraine Brown, NAMI Maine Director of Communications and Outreach: Larraine has produced events, a theater festival, published short stories, written an award winning play, hosted a radio show, raised funds for community based radio and statewide literacy initiatives, and trained and managed sales forces in Boston and New York.

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