Mid-Coast Currents 10/18/13

Producer/Host: Sara Trunzo
Engineer: Amy Browne

Issue: people, events, and ideas in Mid-Coast, Maine

Program Topic: Green Funerals, End-of-Life Planning, and A Will For The Woods

Key Discussion Points:
1. What is the documentary, A Will for the Woods, about?
2. What end of life / funeral / burial options are available to consumers?
3. How can listeners learn more about their rights to endure affordable, dignified, and environmentally sound burials?

a. Alison Rector: volunteer with the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Maine.
b. Chuck Lakin: woodworker and home funeral educator.
c. Jeremy Kaplan: co-director and cinematographer of A Will for the Woods.
d. Tony Hale: co-director and editor of A Will for the Woods.

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