MidCoast Currents 7/20/12

Host: John Zavodny & Sara Trunzo
Engineer: Amy Browne

Issue: The Kneading Conference and Grains in Maine
*Why is bread so important to civilization…and Mainers?
*What are the opportunities and challenges of growing bread grains in New England?
*How can the re-integration of grains into the regional economy add vitality to Maine?
1. Amber Lambke is a co-founder of the annual Kneading Conference in Skowhegan, the director
of the Maine Grain Alliance, and an entrepreneur behind the innovative transformation of a
historic former county jailhouse into a food hub in rural Skowhegan, Maine.
2. Harold “Dusty” Dowse is a U Maine Orono professor. Dusty researches the genetic and
molecular analysis of cardiac pacemakers; biology of cellular oscillators; mathematical
analysis and modeling of biological systems… he is also an avid sourdough baker and bread
experimenter. Dusty is the Director of the Artisan Bread Fair.
3. Dr. Ellen Mallory is the Assistant Professor of Sustainable Agriculture and an Extension
Sustainable Agriculture Specialist in the University of Maine system. Ellen is the lead on a four
year study of bread wheat production in Maine.

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