Mid-Coast Currents 2/17/12

Broadcast Time: 10:00-11:00 AM

Program Topic: Belfast Creative Coalition

Key Discussion Points:
1. What is the “Belfast Creative Coalition?”
2. What are the program goals of the BCC?
3. Who is Kimberly Callas, and what is her role?

1. Martha Piscuskas | Co-Director and co-founder of Waterfall Arts in Belfast and Montville. Martha has been worked with several non-profit organizations in Maine including the Maine Aids Alliance, Maineshare, and Women Unlimited. She is a graduate of the Maine College of Art and Wesleyan University.
2. Donna McNeil | is Director of Policy and Programs at the Maine Arts Commission. Donna holds a BFA in Painting from Syracuse University, an MLA in Art History from Harvard University and a certificate from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government for executives in state and local government. Donna has devoted a lifetime to the arts in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors, holding directorial and curatorial positions in galleries, museums and the performing arts.
3. Kimberly Callas | Is the new coordinator of the Belfast Creative Coalition. She is the Board Director and Art Coordinator of Midcoast Magnet and co-founder of the Newforest Institute in Brooks Maine. A graduate of the New York Academy of Art and the University of Michigan, Kimberly is a practicing artist in her own right.

For More Information:
Waterfall Arts | www.waterfallarts.org
Maine Arts Commission | www.mainearts.org

Call In Program: YES

Host: John Zavodny
Engineer: Joel Mann