Mid-Coast Currents 1/20/12

Issue: Immigration

Broadcast Time: 10:00-11:00 AM

Program Topic: The

Key Discussion Points (list at least 3):
1. How do national immigration issues affect people in Mid-Coast Maine?
2. Are there local resources for people dealing with immigration issues in Maine?
3. How does social media play a part in telling personal stories related to immigration?

Guests by name and affiliation:
1. Michele Leavitt is a first generation college graduate. Winner of the 2010 Ohio State William G Allen Award for creative nonfiction, her poems and essays have been published widely since 1995. A trial attorney in the Boston area for 15 years, she now teaches in the Center for Environmental Arts and Humanities at Unity College where her husband, Stephen Mulkey is the president.
2. Rosita Ayala is a Unity College graduate of Salvadoran descent. She is a first generation college student and American who grew up on Long Island, New York. Rosie graduated from Unity College with a degree in Environmental Writing in May of 2011 and is employed by Unity College as an Admissions Counselor.
3. Jeresia Nicos is an American citizen who lives outside of Savannah Georgia. Jeresia is married to Luis Nicos, who entered the U.S. without inspection.

For More Information:

The Immigrant Legal Advocacy Project (ilapmaine.org/) (ILAP) provides free and low-cost immigration information and legal assistance to low-income Maine residents.

Define America is a project to facilitate the immigration debate by giving people opportunities to tell their stories. Read Jeresia Nicos’ post at www.defineamerican.com/story/post/673/the-two-sides-of-america/

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Host: John Zavodny

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